Terms and Conditions

WorkGob is a Works Communication platform that is intended to accommodate good communications in a safe and positive environment by any users who have a group communicative requirement. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to use WorkGob in the manner and to the purpose it was intended.



* Note the addition of rule 27



Message from the developer

Welcome to all users of WorkGob.

When establishing WorkGob, I wanted to provide a communications platform that offered great communications systems and accomplished several other criteria.

  • There had to be the ability to use it for free.
  • It had to be easy for anyone to join and use.
  • It had to have an easy to follow communications process.
  • It had to be inclusive, multi-directional communication, with the ability of company management to make priority messages.


Hopefully with WorkGob, we have accomplished those points. This is a personal project, and I would be delighted to get feedback and recommendations of how to improve the service, and indeed other functionality requests. Therefore, please use the Contact the Developer option in the main menu, to message me your thoughts and suggestions.


Trading Terms


Account and Payment information

  1. You will only be able to use WorkGob in either a free or paid capacity if you are happy to do so, under our terms and conditions which form parts of our method of trading, and if you are happy to agree to those terms.
  2. In the event that WorkGob, or any controlling companies of WorkGob require changing the terms and conditions, these changes or additions or removals of terms can be made without notice. Changes will always be displayed at the top of the Conditions. It is the users responsibility to be aware of these changes. In its entire discretion, WorkGob may give forewarning of these changes but is in no way obligated to do so.
    1. WorkGob will not apply terms and conditions retroactively,
    2. WorkGob will apply rules for new products, functions and services to all users, regardless of initial joining date and the effective commencement of this agreement.
  3. If there is a change to the terms and conditions, privacy or any other terms of service, that you are unable to accept, you will need to cancel your subscription.
  4. An account, and any subscription can be cancelled at any time, and the actual closure of the account will coincide with the end of the current paid subscription. In the case of the free service, the account will terminate at the time of cancellation.
  5. Account closure can be instigated by either party.
  6. When closing a user account, all posts made will continue to display until such time the company account is closed.
  7. When merging accounts, a full credit of all unused services, will be credited to the new subscription, deducting the appropriate amount from the 1st
  8. Any increased functionality will not necessarily form part of the agreement for the Go Unlimited option. Therefore additional costs may be required if new additional features are to be used.


  1. Personal behavior is of the utmost importance to help provide a professional works communication tool. To satisfy this, only the highest standards of personal service will be accepted on WorkGob. Any of the following acts (or any acts that WorkGob find to be unacceptable), will result in the service being withdrawn from the user without notice or refund.
    1. Offensive behavior and especially behavior which is deemed to have been made to cause upset of any description
    2. Any misuse of data of users, or WorkGob. This could include copying data of a non-share type post and using it maliciously.
    3. Any harassment or bullying or assistance to harass or bully, or if you incite someone to harass or bully.
    4. If you try to use WorkGob as a form of communication to help commit a crime.
    5. Posting of offensive pornographic material
    6. Posting of any threatening messages or intentions.
    7. Posting of humor that would be deemed as tasteless or offensive by the majority of users (as deemed by WorkGob)
    8. Posting or suggesting anything of a defamatory nature.
    9. Use WorkGob as an unpaid advertising tool.
  2. We do not monitor activity that occurs on the site, and therefore users are responsible for there own postings.


  1. There is an age restriction of 14 on WorkGob, and administrators are expected to police this policy.
  2. If there are any laws in the legal jurisdiction to which you reside that restrict you from using this website (or any device Apps that use the WorkGob system), then you must not accept these terms and must not join WorkGob.
  3. If there are any laws in the legal jurisdiction to which you reside that restrict you from posting specific content on this website (or any device Apps that use the WorkGob system), then you must refrain from doing so.

Reliability and Responsibility

  1. Any site you enter (other than WorkGob) with WorkGob being the source of that link will have different policies to WorkGob, and we bear no liability or responsibility for content on any site other than WorkGob.
  2. Reliability of the service is of the utmost importance to WorkGob and we will endeavor to keep the site up and running continuously. However, whether by maintenance work, failed equipment or software, acts of god, or any other condition which may cause a break in service, WorkGob cannot be held responsible for any loss of any description, or held responsible for any communication, failure or misinterpretation as a result of failure or otherwise. It is strongly advised that if users are using this platform as a communication tool on matters that are of sufficient magnitude to that person, that failure would cause deep dissatisfaction or loss, then an additional service should be considered to ensure satisfaction.
  3. Whereas WorkGob have designed the site to be a communications device that targets posts to specific levels or groups of people, WorkGob cannot be held responsible if this information somehow through either design, malfunction, personal error, or any other manner or cause, leaks to other levels or groups, or to external sites. WorkGob recommends that if Posts are intended as a strictly confidential nature where a leak would cause significant dissatisfaction or loss, other methods of communicating should be considered.
  4. Posts that are made under the option of share anywhere, are likely to be picked up by search engine spiders and could become a search result. It is the users responsibility to ensure they make the appropriate choice of post privacy options. (Default options are available in Settings and Privacy).

Promotional Communication

  1. WorkGob will send promotional communication to contacts created within WorkGob from its users.
    1. From joining information
    2. From invited users information


  1. Any complaints should be taken to WorkGob in the first instance.
  2. WorkGob will try hard to correct any problems and resolve any matters.
  3. Where an agreement cannot be made, all disputes under these terms and conditions will be settled by arbitration, using a third party arbitration service.
  4. The findings of the arbitration service will be the final step in any dispute with WorkGob, or any Partner company.
  5. In the case of any disputes, where a liability has been established (Decided either between, User and WorkGob, or via arbitration) this cannot exceed a maximum of the amount paid in fees to WorkGob within the past 12 months, by the claimant.
  6. In the case of any disputes, where a liability has been established, (Decided either between User and WorkGob, or via arbitration), this cannot exceed a maximum of £10 per company, if the principle Company Admin on WorkGob are using the non subscription service.


  1. You are aware that privacy can be compromised on any enterprise software (including WorkGob) by users who may print or screen print and share.
  2. When joining a group, or company, you authorize the user who holds the admin position for that group, or company, to see your data. This excludes any payment details (which are not held by WorkGob)
  3. Admin of any company listed on WorkGob will have the right to see any communication made on their company on WorkGob including private groups (or private messaging when introduced). However, the company administrator(s)….
    1. Can turn the group options on or off.
    2. Can forfeit their right to view private groups and private messaging when introduced. Forfeiting their right to see private group data is irreversible and cannot be undone.
    3. When full group privacy has been granted through Administrator forfeiture, a green padlock will be clearly seen on group options.
  4. You accept that all information (data) in posts and in the profile can be seen by other users within the company that you have joined (with exceptions of administrators forfeiture.)
  5. When the “share anywhere” option is used, the posts can be seen by anyone. You accept that WorkGob may use that information and data, to form part of the Works Communications Platform. It is likely that when information is shared, it will be used via other Internet presences and social networks, and may be searched by, and broadcast by Internet search engines.
  6. When the systems expand on to other devices such as mobile, the terms and conditions will follow to those devices with any changes been notified as described above.
  7. WorkGob will use photos of companies and their logo’s to demonstrate to users what other users are on the platform. Any display or mention of any company that does not want to be used in such a way, or associated with WorkGob can notify us, and we will remove all association at the earliest convenience.
  8. Where a user makes a post, and selects the shareable anywhere option, this data may be used to promote the site either by social networks or via search engines spiders, or used in SEO opportunities.
  9. Your location will be used to help in searches and to improve content and content relativity within Google adverts and likewise for WorkGob adverts should they be used in the future.
  10. You are responsible for your own password and protecting your privacy. However, if you advise WorkGob that your content as been accessed by someone else, we will freeze the account and present it back to the correct user.
  11. WorkGob protects all the information stored by 256 bit encryption.


  1. Cookies will be used by WorkGob to establish service improvements. These are as follows
    1. We will down load cookies to determine location
    2. To store images that are part of the main functionality.
    3. We will use cookies to establish patterns of usage to improve the speed and fluency of service.


  1. Any information provided to WorkGob, whether intentional or otherwise, that WorkGob feel can use to develop and improve the service can be used with no debt or obligation to the person(s) who submitted or released the information, whether intentionally or otherwise.
  2. All software that is produced on WorkGob can only be used with the written permission of the WorkGob Owners, unless it clearly states open source.

Payments and financial information

  1. We do not store credit / debit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
  2. WorkGob offers Paid for services on both a fixed cost and on a subscription basis.
    1. Controlled access is a fixed cost feature
    2. Starter Pack is a suabscription cost that includes one hierarchal level, unlimited groups, and the removal of adverts from level 2 upwards.
    3. Own Logo is a fixed cost feature
    4. Purchase extra level is a subscription feature
    5. Go Unlimited is a subscription feature
  3. All prices will be based on Great British Pound and currency conversion applied to charge a similar price in the purchasing location.
  4. The prices paid at the time of subscription will be honored even if there is a price increase. However, the following applies..
    1. When the subscription is cancelled and re-subscribed at a later date, the prices at the re-subscribing time will be applied.
    2. If the subscription is cancelled because of lack of payment (for any reason) the prices at the re-subscribing time will apply.
  5. Cancellation of services (including paid services).
    1. All non paid features and services can be cancelled with immediate effect and WorkGob will delete all private data (unless restricted to do so for legal reasons) from its servers as soon as practical and within 30 days maximum.
    2. All paid for services can be cancelled with a maximum of 31 days notice. In the event a service is cancelled, no more payments will be taken, however, no refunds will be given for parts of the month that have been paid for. All fixed costs for additional features or services are non refundable. The account will expire when the validity of the last payment made expires.
    3. In the event of a cancellation, all posts, including photo, name and position of user will remain on display, however all personal data will be removed.
  6. In the event that your subscription fails, the following will apply…
    1. An email will be sent to you advising you that your payment has failed, and to request you to re-subscribe.
    2. If you have not achieved this by another 7 days, you will be sent another email giving you 7 days to correct the subscription.
    3. After a further 7 days, if insufficient payment has been made, the paid services will be stopped and your account resized to the free option.
    4. Any outstanding money owed must be paid before a paid for service can be continued.
    5. Whereas WorGob wil endevour to contact you to advise you of the payment issues affecting the account, it is primarily the users responsibility to update the payment details and ensure subscriptions are paid.
    6. In the event of a lapsed account, it is likely that the user will be subject to the latest prices, regardless of original Terms at the original time of subscribing to the features.
  7. Any services that have been purchased and not used will expire in six months from the time of purchase. This only applies to depletable items.
  8. In the event of WorkGob either closing down or going into receivership and stop functioning, all fixed costs services will expire with no refund and no liability to any users.
  9. In the event that users experience 3rd party costs such as Internet usage or any other 3rd party cost, this will not be a liability of WorkGob.