WorkGob is a free to use Works Communication app for companies and organisations to collaborate and communicate within their teams .

There is a small charge where 100 users level is exceeded.

When establishing WorkGob, I wanted to provide a communications platform that offered great communications systems and accomplished several other criteria.

  1. There had to be the ability to use it for free.
  2. It had to be easy for anyone to join and use.
  3. It had to have an easy to follow communications process.
  4. It had to be inclusive, multi-directional communication, with the ability for leaders to make priority messages.

These things have been implemented, and Workgob is a journey of improvement.

Unlike other internet businesses, WorkGob is a private entity and does not have huge resource to build, but we do have passion to want to be the best.

WorkGob only charge once a company has 100 users or more.

Enjoy WorkGob