Features available

WorkGob is a work communication app that encourages conversations across the entire organisation from shop floor up to board and back again. Of course, there is facilities for groups and hierarchal levels too, to ensure all posts are targeted at the right people.

WorkGob is free for all facilities including groups, levels, and full privacy functionality encouraging communication in the workplace.

Broadly, staff make use of functions to enable communications with colleagues, whether asking for help on a technical basis, shift swaps or sharing best practice. Directors and managers may use the platform to discuss initiatives, share ideas, communicate with the whole company, or to gain feedback via the post threads or voting system.

The top five benefits of WorkGob are.

  1. Thread style post and comment function that allows topical focus.
  2. All posts relevant to you will be posted to your home view without having to switch between different groups or apps.
  3. Pin to Top Priority messaging allows the user to ensure their posts don’t get missed and the user can track how many other users have seen the post.
  4. The post with the latest activity will be posted to the top of your home view (underneath Priority messages)
  5. Top Posts are shown on PC browsers so you can see the posts that have attracted the most activity on your home view.
  6. WorkGob has hierarchal levels and groups to make company wide communications easy.


is the single most important part of any task, strategy or team initiative. We have created WorkGob to improve workplace communications in a way that can involve all staff within companies, but allow that top down focus to get important strategic interactions with the team.

Anyone can join WorkGob. All you need is an active email, it does not need to be a specific company email.

What is WorkGob

It is a works communication platform that focuses on effective communication from top down, by including multi-directional holistic communication. It is free to use and offers a whole heap of features not found elsewhere… And we are constantly developing it!

So what are the features?

Conversation style threads 

WorkGob displays all messages and comments in a thread style, together on your home view. So you don’t need to jump from one view to another, or from one app to another


Any user can post a vote topic and keep the result private, or show results.


Allows other users to track you and see all your posts. If you want complete privacy and control, turn “Allow users to track you” off in Settings and Privacy.

Joining a Company

Anyone joining a company will need to be authorized by an Admin Member. An alert is displayed on the settings button in the Home View of the admin member once the request to join has been made.


Groups can be set up within your company to include any specific people you want. Maybe the marketing department, or sales, or just people following a strategy or project. Groups are closed group with the exception of company admin who can join or view any group. Company admin may surrender this option to view groups and allow full privacy to group members only. Once company admin have allowed full privacy, the option can not be reversed.


There are up to eight hierarchal levels which you may use as staff Level, a Managers level, Directors level etc. This makes posting more relevant if you want to target a particular grade in your company, or you can set specific groups, or post to everyone.

Priority and SOS posts 

Allows the user making the post to stick it to the top of the recipients home view, until the reader has pressed dismiss. The amount of dismiss’s gets reported to the sender. Priority is only available to level 2 and above. SOS is similar to priority, but available to level 1 only, and Priority ranks higher.

Count dismiss in priority posts

Priority posts need to be dismissed to allow them to be removed from the top posting on a home view. You will be able to see how many have read and dismissed your post.

Recent posts

Which ever post has had the latest activity will rise to the top so you always see the most recent activity in the top of your screen. Priority and SOS do override this until dismissed. Top Recent Posts Are the messages with the most activity and are displayed on the right hand side (in browser format only)


Recipients of your posts can like them, and equally you can like their comments. Likes count as activity which will drive them to being the “top posts” displayed. Not only that, but the likes smile more, when liked more, just to show appreciation


Allow users to share your content across WorkGob or onto social media, if you permit them. You control what gets shared where.

Own logo

WorkGob allows you to replace the WorkGob logo with your own, giving an in-house appearance. Pressing the logo will always take you to your home view if you’re signed in, or to Login if you’re not signed in.


Photo’s, Video’s, Audio and Files can all be shared and posted on WorkGob

The Main Menu 

This menu is always available on the home view. To access the menu, press the settings wheel.

Search offers the facilities to search for TAG words that were made in posts and search for people who have not restricted Tracking.

Create Group allows the user to start a new group or join another group.

Invite Others allows easy access to send other potential users an invite via email or via SMS to their mobile.

Profile lets a user add more personal details, choose groups and levels, Change Photos and adjust privacy such as tracking and blocking users. Note that others can see this information if tracking is not restricted.

Requests to Join will show and allow you to approve users who wish to join your company on WorkGob. An alert will show on the settings menu button when there is an outstanding request

Cancel Subscriptions is for canceling any paid facilities

Settings and Privacy allow users to adjust privacy settings, control Admin users, View Terms and Conditions and Delete the account. Admin is only available for those given Admin rights, or to the user who set up the Company.

Exit Account exits the user from the Company, but remains logged in. It is possible for a user to have access to more than one company

Logout takes the user out of WorkGob requiring login to regain access.

Admin Menu

This menu is located on the main menu and has the following sub menu options

Company Details allows an admin user to upgrade company information and upload photos

View and edit admin rights of others allows the user to add or remove admin rights

Verify Company allows the user to prove company ID with a Company email address

Link Accounts allows two (or more) accounts to merge together. This will be particularly useful where a company wishes to bring various different unit accounts together.

Rename levels allows each of the eight hierarchal levels to be named to suit the company. Levels can also be deleted.

See all users allows the user to see a list of all users, change their hierarchal level, or expel them.

Post Setting Defaults is located in Settings and Privacy and allows the user to set up their preference of target audience for posts. This can be changed at the time of each post.

Delete Account is located in Settings and Privacy and allows the user to delete the account from WorkGob

Request Group Admin Rights allows the user to apply for admin rights for a group. This will have to be approved by any current group admin. To give clarity, there are two levels of Admin. Firstly there is company admin which has full control over the company setup on WorkGob. Secondly there is group admin which only has admin control over a particular group.

Block a user will allow a user to fully block another user.

Allow users to track you is the option to allow all users to both track you, and view ALL your posts in your profile. Selecting off for this option will prevent both tracking and other users seeing your posts (that were not posted to them)

Whats being developed?

Mobile iOS is soon to be launched following the successful WorkGob Android app on Playstore. We are also looking to develop an app on Apple Watch.

Timer posting is a new development that will allow users to create a message, and dictate what time it is posted.