Can anyone set up a company within WorkGob? Yes. Any organisation (or group such as a college), or part of an organisation can set up a company. In the case where multiple branches have been set up individually, there is a merge facility to join various departments together if needed.

What is the ongoing costs? There are no costs to WorkGob unless the groups exceeds 100, in which case there is a charge of less than £100 per month.

Are groups really private? Company admin have a right to join groups, however, they can choose to forfeit this option, and this is irreversible and cannot be undone. If the option has been selected a green closed padlock will show near groups options.

Is there an app? Currently the app works on phone browsers. However an app for iOS and Android are being developed.

Can I delete my account? Yes, all deleted accounts will save the data for 24 hours and then delete data, making it unrecoverable. However, all your posts, comments etc will remain as though you were active unless you delete them individually.