A Works Communication platform for the whole company

A Works Communication Platform should be about the whole company.

Imagine the power of communication if the CEO could use a Works Communication Platform to address the full team in the workplace, all at the same time, and dEli er a consistent message. And get feedback directly from all levels.

This is the purpose of WorkGob, a free company enterprise system for the whole company.

Use WorkGob

WorkGob is a works communication platform to help all people in the workplace to connect in a free and easy way. Leaders can use the application to post consistent messages to the full team getting a direct message to ALL employees, at the same time.

Using the app across the company removes the confusion as to who is using what app and what group etc and provides all communications to your home screen.

So whats different about WorkGob….

  1. It’s free for up to 100 users for all content. And after that, there is a one low price monthly fee.
  2. It can be accessed from any email, (it doesn’t need to be a company email) so suits all staff.
  3. All posts go to your home page, no cuffing about going from group to group.
  4. when you post, you choose the recipients. This can be to an individual, a specific level, a specific group or any combination. Or you can target the whole company.
  5. Because WorkGob is a new startup, we are close to our customers and willing to listen and improve.

Some of the uses staff have benefited from include…

  • Help, Support and guidance
  • Rota changes and support
  • Performance results
  • News about people
  • Targets
  • Discussions and banter
  • Information about products and services
  • Building relationships

Some employers have found it useful for sharing….

  • Best Practice
  • Job information
  • Expanding on tasks
  • Giving reminders
  • Motivation for any staff who are slacking
  • Reward and recognition
  • Training and development
  • Introductions
  • Feedback
  • Assistance to cover lately vacated shifts
  • Voting on company events

Of course most of these are benefits to both employer and employee, and indeed there is so much more.

The most important aspect is that WorkGob is about holistic communication and has unlimited groups and 8 hierarchal levels so that everyone can get involved right up to board level, or down to a small group of people working the shop floor…. and all interconnected.


Watch video demonstration